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Upcoming Photography Opportunities:

Photo Entry Card

Judging of Photography

Scale of Points: 

Creativity  – 30

Composition (includes elements and principles of design) –  25

Technical Merit (includes exposure, color and presentation) – 20

Distinction – 15

Interpretation of Theme – 10

Total – 100

Please refer to the GCA Flower Show and Judging Guide on line.

Sweepstakes Award points system as follows:

1st place   4 points

2nd place   3 points

3rd place   2 points

Honorable Mention   1 point

Participation 1 point.

Helpful Links:

http://www.gcamerica.org   Log in and click on Committies A-F. Then click on Flowers show, then Current Information over on the right and under that Upcoming GCA and GCA Major Flower Shows. There is a listing by date of upcoming shows with links to their schedules.

http://gcapsg.org GCA Photography Study Group (password- compost)

http://www.luminous-landscape.com  Michael Reichmann’s site has 4,500 pages of articles, tutorials, product reviews and photographs

http://www.johnpaulcaponigro.com  John Paul Caponigro’s site has free resources such as his Creativity Workshop series available to members. Membership is free.