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Visiting Gardens

Visiting Gardens Trips

Upcoming Visiting Gardens Trips

January 31st: Martha Stewart Lecture at New York Botanical Gardens and lunch at Magnolia.

March 26th-29th Charleston, SC Trip: details coming soon!

All Trips Cancellation Policy:

Visiting Gardens is a self-funded committee and therefore cannot cover any trip costs in the event that a member needs to cancel. Due to advance scheduling of visiting gardens trips and determining costs accordingly, a cancellation policy is in effect to ensure that trip costs will be covered once a commitment has been made by a member. Payment due dates and cancellation policies for each trip will be specified at the time of sign-up and in any further correspondence related to the trip. If a member cannot attend a trip for which she has paid, she has the option to find a replacement from the trip waitlist (or otherwise) for reimbursement or forfeit any monies paid up to that point in time.