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Member Sponsorship

Member Sponsorship Guidelines

Sponsoring a candidate for membership in Sasqua Garden Club is an important responsibility. It is through new members that the future vigor and health of the club is ensured. Therefore, the by-laws clearly outline what is required to formally sponsor a candidate and the practices enumerated below inform sponsors/seconders about their longer-term responsibility to their candidates.

Following is a snapshot of the by-laws that govern sponsoring candidates for admission:

  1. a candidate for admissions must attend at least two regular meetings with her proposer prior to being proposed.
  2. the candidate should be a resident of Fairfield or its vicinity for at least one year and know the proposer socially for at least one year.
  3. Members may not propose a candidate when they are involved in a direct business relationship with the candidate.

In addition to the by-laws, what follows is a set of guidelines to assist sponsors/seconders navigate the admissions process:

  1. To sponsor a candidate, the sponsor and seconders must have completed the Provisional year and been an active member for no less than one garden club program year (September-June).
  2. The sponsor and seconder may submit only one letter each as a proposer and seconder in any admissions cycle.
  3. Review provisional guidelines with prospective candidates before submitting formal application. Membership Application
  4. When bringing a candidate to a meeting, be sure to inform the chair of Membership in advance. At the meeting, seek out board members and others to introduce candidate.
  5. As sponsor, if you are unable to attend a meeting, it is advisable to contact the seconder to accompany the candidate.
  6. The sponsor has a responsibility to shepherd her candidate through club activities in the Provisional and subsequent years through club activities.

For example:

  • Invite provisional to partner in a sweepstakes and attend a workshop together.
  • Participate in club activities together including
  • Hostess a meeting together
  • Take a Visiting Gardens trip together
  • Carpool to the Read School or the Birdcraft Museum together
  • Call a provisional in advance of a monthly meeting and make plans to attend together.

Membership Application