Conservation Resources

GCA materials – check with GCA headquarters

  • Bedford Garden Club won the first GCA Public Relations Award for igniting community spirit and resolve with public meetings and press coverage, thereby launching coalitions to promote land preservation in the town and the region.
  • Fauquier and Loudoun Garden Club and the “Disney Story” – Club members worked as individuals in conjunction with others to research the facts and impact of a Disney theme park in the historic Virginia countryside. Working with other community organizations and garden clubs, they kept the press informed and organized meetings to educate the public.
  • “Not in My Garden” – slide show on invasive plants
  • The New American Golf Cours– pamphlet available at GCA headquarters
  • Good Gardening Practices to Protect your Environment – pamphlet available at GCA headquarters
  • ConWatch – quarterly publication of the GCA Conservation Committee on current topics being research by the Committee
  • Legislative Update – published weekly when Congress is in session by the NAL Committee on current issues before Congress
  • Lobbying without endangering a Club’s tax-exempt status – Lobbying is defined as any attempt to influence legislation. GCA and any of its member clubs may lobby without affecting their 501 (c)(3) tax exempt status providing they observe the following guidelines. The IRS differentiates between “grassroots” lobbying (any attempt to influence the opinion of the general public) and “direct” lobbying (any attempt to influence legislation through communication with a legislative body or a government official). A Club may spend up to a maximum of 20% of its annual expenditures on lobbying. Of that amount, 25% may be spent on “grassroots” lobbying. For example, if a club’s annual expenditures are $10,000, $2,000 (20% of $10,000) may be spent on lobbying. Of that $2,000, $500 (25% of $2,000) may be spent on “grassroots” lobbying.

Lobbying by individual Club members who communicate at their own expense and on their own letterhead does not affect the Club’s tax-exempt status. Any Club or member who lobbies using Garden Club of America stationery may do so only on those issues endorsed in a GCA position paper, copies of which are available on GCA’s website.