How to Complete a Horticulture Propagation Card

Propagation cards can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

Propagation cards may be downloaded and filled out. Type information into the blue text boxes and then print on 4” X 6” white cardstock, or print the card on white card stock and fill in with black waterproof ink. Please read and follow the directions below to fill out the Propagation Card correctly.

1. Enter Class number from the Horticulture Schedule
2. Leave Entry # Blank
3. Enter Botanical Name – use proper nomenclature genus species Cultivar
4. Enter Common Name of plant
5. How was plant propagated? Check appropriate box Seed, Cutting, Layering, Division or Other
6. Complete detailed explanation of propagation methods describing your propagation method, including dates to the left and then information on how your plant was propagated, transplanted, growth medium used, amount of water and light, if it was moved inside or outside and any other significant growth factors.
7. Enter Exhibitor’s Name and Club on the back of the card