Hostesses for Upcoming Meetings:


Hostess Checklist

Attendees 40-50

Coffee hour begins at 9:00AM unless noted otherwise in newsletter.

Check location to see when you may arrive to set up. It may be necessary to brew coffee at home and transport in urns to meeting site. It takes about a minute per cup to brew. Recommendation is 36-42 cups regular and 18-24 cups decaf. It is always the option of the hostesses to buy coffee (in a box), however, there is no reimbursement for the expense.

Hostesses provide the following:

Food (any combination)

Coffee cakes

Sweet breads




Juice and/or Water

Coffee/Decaf Coffee

Decaf Coffee

Tea Bags


½ and ½ (1 qt)

Milk (1 qt)



Seasonal paper napkins

Seasonal small paper plates

Spoons and Forks


Coffee Cups


Table arrangement/seasonal decorations (flowers, gourds, pines, etc.)

Provided by Hospitality Committee
2 urns for brewing Coffee, Decaf, and hot water for Tea

– will be dropped off at hostesses’ home the week before the meeting

– please clean/return to Hospitality Chair the week after the meeting

– 2 extension cords for coffee urns

Tablecloths (2)