New Member Guidelines

  1. Attend monthly meetings, usually on the third Tuesday of each month, from 9.00 to 11.30 a.m. Please call the chair of the Provisional Committee, if you are unable to attend the meeting.  
  2. Plan to participate in the two annual Community Outreach projects in November and June. The November project is at the Read School in Bridgeport and requires approximately three hours of time on a weekday morning. The June project is at the Birdcraft Museum where Sasqua Garden Club hosts the visit of approximately 80 school children for a morning nature walk and bird identification lesson. This requires a three hour time commitment.
  3. Plan to participate in the fall and spring clean-up and planting at the Birdcraft Audubon Center
  4. . This is scheduled in September and May and requires about 60 minutes. Children are also welcome to join in the clean-up fun.
  5. Work with fellow provisional members on creating two wreaths for the Christmas Tree Festival.
  6. Attend some of the Flower Arranging, Horticulture and Photography workshops that are scheduled throughout the year. These will be announced at our monthly meetings and in the newsletter and are a fun way to get to know other members and to learn about arranging flowers, forcing bulbs, growing plants from cuttings, etc. These workshops are meant to educate our members and no prior experience in either area is
  7.  expected or required. Please call the chair of the Provisional Committee and the workshop organizer, if you are unable to attend the workshop for which you signed up. Remember that if you sign up for a workshop and cancel you are still responsible for the cost of the workshop.
  8. Participate in as many sweepstakes as possible which are held at the monthly meetings. Like the workshops, the sweepstakes are meant to educate members and are an excellent way to implement what you have learned in the workshops described in #5 above. You can collaborate with a fellow member on most sweepstakes which is an excellent way to meet more members.
  9. Contribute to the annual fundraiser of the Sasqua Garden Club, which is a holiday party held on the first Friday of December at the home of the member. This is the only fundraiser held during the year and each member is expected to contribute. It is a great way to meet more members and to meet their spouses, as well as have your spouse become more familiar with your community activities.
  10. Join and participate in at least one working committee. The committees are listed in the club’s directory, which is distributed at the first meeting in September. At the September meeting, committee chairs will have committee sign-up sheets, they will be on hand to talk with you about their work and describe what their emphasis is.
  11. Serve as a hostess at one monthly meeting. This entails working with a team of three to four members to provide and serve coffee, tea, water and continental breakfast during the thirty minutes preceding the start of the meeting. The hostesses absorb the cost of the refreshments. As with so many of our activities, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet members.
  12. Work with the Provisional chair and other provisional members on the running of the in-club show which is the May meeting. The chair will provide complete information on the show as the year progresses.
  13. On occasion, a provisional member can not meet the guidelines of the provisional year because of pressing demands in other areas. If that is the case, the provisional year may be repeated.
  14. Dues for Sasqua Garden Club is as follows:
Sasqua Garden Club Dues:  
Sasqua Garden Club Membership $95.00
GCA Membership / Bulletin Subscription $60.00
Federated Garden Clubs of CT Newsletter $5.00
Total: $160.00