Upcoming Photo Opportunities

Upcoming flower shows with photography classes of interest:

Art en Fleurs 2013

Feb 28 – May 7, 2013

Milwaukee (four clubs)

not juried

Class 1: Gateway to The World Color 8 entries

A photograph of a gateway inviting exploration of the landscape beyond.

Class 2: The Wonders of The Universe Color 8 entries

A photograph incorporating the sky.

Plant material not required.

Class 3: Gardens Nurture Spirit and Body Color 8 entries

A macro photograph of a flower or leaf.

Class 4: Discover The Kernels of Life Monochrome 8 entries

A photograph of seeds and/or pods from which the world’s plants develop.

Class 5: A Tribute to Survival Color 8 entries

Forests are often visually stunning, at times endangered, and always

ecologically precious. A photograph of a forest or wooded area using

“Creative Techniques.” For educational purposes please include a

4″ X 6″ copy of the original photograph and a brief statement of how

manipulation was accomplished.