Sasqua Garden Club 2021-2022 Officers and Executive Board Slate


Executive Board

*President Mandy Stanton

*Vice President Suzanne Simmonds

*2nd Vice President Sarah Essig

*Corresponding Secretary Beth Rhame

GCA Bulletin/Founders Fund

Recording Secretary Laura Fasano

Treasurer Anne Sheehan


Standing Committees

Civic Berkeley Soper

Community Outreach Susan Ellis

Conservation Wendy Pieper

Floral Design Roxie Hennemuth

Garden History & Design Peggy Stuart

*Horticulture Bevo Tarika assisted by Honey Strait & Piera Panozzo

Hospitality Beth Tarde

*Medal Awards Jennifer Downing

*Membership & Nominating Marlowe Mitchell

Photography Priscilla Twombly

Program Karen Winget assisted by Tara Backe

*Provisionals Barbara Bradley

Scholarship Anne Sheehan

*Visiting Gardens Maggie Rotanz

Website Joan Panagos

Auxiliary Committees

Green Book Jane Cary

*Long Range Planning Suzanne Simmonds-Chair; Susan Ellis; Marlowe Mitchell; Cynthia Rubin; Anne Sheehan; Jennifer
Smith; Mandy Stanton

Ways & Means Ellen Levinson

*Positions to be held through June 2023