Garden History

The mission of Sasqua Garden Club’s Garden History and Design (GH&D) Committee is to encourage the Club’s members and the community’s appreciation of American gardens. The Committee initiates educational programs for the Club that focus on good design practices and historical trends in private and public landscaping. In addition, Sasqua’s GH&D Committee works with the Garden Club of America (GCA) and the Archives of American Gardens located at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. to study and document notable gardens. For over 30 years, the GCA has partnered with the Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens to preserve the visual record and collective narrative of gardens. Documenting gardens provides an important piece of the contextual puzzle of social change, traditions, and trends over time, and telling gardens’ stories provides great historical knowledge and information for future generations!

Since 1998, Sasqua’s GH&D Committee has been very active in contributing to the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Gardens. Sasqua has contributed the following gardens to this valuable repository (click on each name to see more info):

1998  Box Hill/Hinesite  – #CT193

2001  Mediterranean Garden – #CT285

2004  The Harborage- # CT328

2004  Walled Garden – # CT330

2011  The Garden of John and Ellen Levinson – #CT381

2013  The Downings’ Cutting Garden – #CT702

2015  The Rosetti Garden – #CT743

2016  Birdcraft Gardens – #CT744

2017  Burrwood House – #CT754

2020  Harborside Gardens ~ in progress to be submitted 2021 


To see additional images of Sasqua GC documented gardens and all other documented gardens archived within the Archives of American Gardens go to 

SOVA Smithsonian Online Virtual Archives