The mission of the Horticulture Committee is to promote interest in the many facets of Horticulture among members of the club. To fulfill its mission, the committee develops an annual program, which includes important building block activities complemented by specialty programs based on the interests of members.

These building block activities include plant propagation where members are taught how to propagate a plant from leaf cuttings or from woody plant material. Another building block program is forcing bulbs, designed to train members to force a variety of spring bulbs to enjoy in their homes during the winter months or for entry in flower shows. A third activity is training members on how to enter classes in the horticulture divisions of flower shows. This training includes preparing entries for a show, interpreting class descriptions of flower show schedules and understanding the judging process. A fourth activity is encouraging members to enter the Garden Club of America flower show judging program to become a Horticulture judge.

The specialty programs vary from year to year but may include visiting the garden of a noted horticulturist, organizing a planting workshop, visiting a botanic garden or attending flower shows. The committee encourages club members to make suggestions for specialty programs.

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