Upcoming Photography Opportunities:

Photo Entry Card

Judging of Photography

Scale of Points: 

Creativity  – 30

Composition (includes elements and principles of design) –  25

Technical Merit (includes exposure, color and presentation) – 20

Distinction – 15

Interpretation of Theme – 10

Total – 100

Please refer to the GCA Flower Show and Judging Guide on line.

Sweepstakes Award points system as follows:

1st place   4 points

2nd place   3 points

3rd place   2 points

Honorable Mention   1 point

Participation 1 point.

Helpful Links:   Log in and click on Committies A-F. Then click on Flowers show, then Current Information over on the right and under that Upcoming GCA and GCA Major Flower Shows. There is a listing by date of upcoming shows with links to their schedules. GCA Photography Study Group (password- compost)  Michael Reichmann’s site has 4,500 pages of articles, tutorials, product reviews and photographs  John Paul Caponigro’s site has free resources such as his Creativity Workshop series available to members. Membership is free.