March Sweepstakes, In-Club Flower Show and Photography Classes

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Regarding our March 19th sweepstakes:  the digital deadline is Feb. 1st, but if you are still interested in submitting something and miss that date, please email me right away.  The two classes are 1.) Color:  A Floral Arrangement, and 2.) Monochrome:  A Winter Scene (plant material not required).  Two entries allowed per class. Printed submissions are due to me by March 1st, flush-mounted on black foam core with a total perimeter between 36 and 80 inches.

Regarding our In-Club Flower Show, “The Art of Mixology” on May 21st:  there are two photography classes (5 entries in each).  Two submissions are allowed per class.  Digital submissions (at least 1 MB in size) must be emailed to me by March 15th.  A committee will select qualifying entries, and final, mounted entries are due to me by May 1st.  Approved entries will be juried the morning of the show.  

Class 1: GARNISH
A garnish embellishes a cocktail by enhancing our senses. Create a color photograph of a decorative garnish on a cocktail adorned with a botanical element.

A monochrome photograph including flora seen through glass, such as a window or cocktail glass.  Can be abstract.

Photography Soirée with Charlotte Stone
128 Wormwood Rd, Fairfield CT Tuesday, February 12th at 6:00 p.m. 
In the spirit of “The Art of Mixology”, I’m having a  soirée at my place…Anyone interested in photography…or cocktails is invited! Bring your camera and we can talk about some of the issues that come up in our photography and share tips on entering shows. I’ll gather some botanicals and garnishes, so we can experiment taking photos as potential entries for the in-club show. We can also just gab by the fire while sipping cocktails on a wintery evening! 

Please RSVP on the Website by February 5th 


There are also 2 upcoming shows with photography classes to consider:

1.)  The Southampton Garden Club is hosting a GCA Flower Show on June 28th, “Films of Enchantment: The Legacy of Walt Disney.”  Registration opened January 1st, 2019.
2.)  The Tacoma Garden Club and Zone XII is hosting a GCA Flower Show, “Timeless Tacoma Treasures”, June 10-13, 2019.  Registration opens to us March 1st, 2019.