Plan On Some Natives For Spring

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By now most of us are dreaming of warmer weather and drooling over those seed and plant catalogues that are showing up in our mailboxes/email.  Those beautiful spring and summer blooms that would be just perfect in one spot or another enticing us.

But before you make those final decisions consider adding plants to your gardens that would contribute to the Pollinator Pathway.

As you probably already know, the Pathway is a pesticide-free corridor of public and private properties that provide native plant habitat and nutrition for pollinators.  Pollinators are insects, birds or other animals that move pollen from one plant to another.  

There are several threats to our pollinators including pesticides and other chemicals on lawns and landscapes, climate change and natural environments becoming fragmented through development.  

Adding a few native plants to your landscape will encourage pollinators to visit, hangout a while, make a home and strengthen our natural habitat.
Suggestions for plants can be found here:

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